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Interviewing Are you an attorney that needs an expert interviewer to sit down with a client? Let our team assist with your investigation to get all of the answers to your unknown questions, and more. Child Custody Are you working with an attorney and need a private investigator? We’ll happily get photo and video evidence of child neglect, negligent parent, or other issue where you need proof. Our documents are court ready and highly thorough. Undercover Surveillance We have the ability to get covert video and audio without anyone knowing, and we love to go undercover to follow someone. Whatever the scenario, we have an investigator ready to go undercover to provide evidence of fraud, infidelity, and numerous other things. Death Investigations We work hand-in-hand with an award-winning, highly respected homicide investigator for these sensitive cases. We can interview witnesses or family members and conduct an expert witness report on the case. Infidelity Investigations Do you need to know if your significant other is stepping out? We can get video and photographic evidence, trace phone numbers, and conduct surveillance so you can get the answers you need. Social Media Investigations This is an extremely comprehensive report on a person, including everything from where they attended high school to the gym where they work out. We search multiple online social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more, to find every bit of information on a person possible. Our social media experts are highly trained and know where to look to find information that no one else can. Missing Persons and Cold Cases We find people that have gone missing, for whatever reason. We’re very passionate about reuniting loved ones like biological siblings and relatives. Additionally, we work with a forensic sketch artist who specializes in clay skull reconstruction. Her work has led many loved ones to find peace and have an answer to what happened to their family member. Skip Tracing/Locates We can find a person who doesn’t want to be found. We’ll attempt to find a person’s contact information and current location. Additionally, we can locate a long lost family member, friend, or rogue contractor who didn’t finish the kitchen remodel. Background Checks Before you hire an employee or if you want to know if someone has a criminal record, we can make sure your business is secure from possible fraudulent situations. Contact us to see how we can serve your corporate needs for prescreening employees. Process Service We are licensed to serve civil process in the state of Texas. We’re happy to work with local attorneys and people who need a process server. Contact us today to see how Yellow Rose Investigations can serve your corporate needs.

Yellow Rose Investigations was founded in February 2017. The company is licensed and insured by the state of Texas according to the Texas Department of Public Safety. Contact us today for a free consultation at 469-826-9896. Business License # A03065901

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