Stacy Willingham, Owner & Lead Investigator

Stacy Willingham opened Yellow Rose Investigations in February 2017. Using her investigative skills, she studied the craft for several years at several different DFW private investigation agencies before passing the required state exam.
Stacy attended the University of Missouri and spent a decade as a journalist for newspapers and magazines before getting into private investigations. She was awarded for her work in investigative journalism, community service, and feature writing, but her passion was research and investigation. She is a professional at interviewing witnesses, known for making the interviewee comfortable enough to discuss any topic.
Stacy is inspired by her in-laws, both who spent their entire lives working in law enforcement. Her father-in-law is in computer forensics and her mother-in-law is one of the only women sketch artists in the U.S., helping to solve multiple cold cases using her clay skull reconstruction skills. Stacy is honest, discrete, and won’t quit until the job is done. Her integrity, compassion and drive are what make Yellow Rose Investigations the right choice for your Investigative needs.

Jessie Neeley, Private Investigator

Jessie joined Yellow Rose on October 1, 2018. She assists on infidelity cases, background searches, recovering lost or stolen property, child custody cases, and more. Jessie studied photography and psychology at Texas Woman’s University, and she incorporates her knowledge in these fields into her investigative work. She is passionate about solving problems and employs a creative and unconventional way of thinking in our investigations.
Jessie has won numerous awards and recognitions for outstanding customer satisfaction. She is dedicated to fulfilling and surpassing clients’ expectations, leaving no stone unturned and no angle unexplored. Jessie is intuitive, empathetic and sensitive to the needs of others. It is for these reasons and more that she is adept at communicating effectively, ensuring that our clients feel heard and understood.