How Yellow Rose Investigations Bloomed

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Yellow Rose Investigations is owned and operated by Stacy Willingham. She spent more than a decade in journalism before having two children and leaving the work world. While watching her in-laws’ law enforcement careers in computer forensics and a forensic sketch artist, she took a leap of faith and and decided private investigations was a passion she wanted to pursue.

She enrolled in a private investigations course in Texas that allowed her to take the manager’s exam, and Yellow Rose Investigations was founded in January 2017. One month later, she and her husband Kevin had another child. He was an unexpected surprise, as the older two were already 8 and 6. Suddenly, after nine years of staying at home, she found herself with a newborn and a fresh business. It was surreal!

Learning how to market and build the brand was the majority of the first year. She purchased a modestly priced handheld camera, invested in some private investigator databases, and took on small jobs for neighbors and friends.

It wasn’t until the second year that she really found her niche: surveillance. Although she always pictured herself as the girl doing research behind the computer, there was nothing else like capturing amazing surveillance footage or following a client down a Metroplex tollway.

It wasn’t until after working her first child custody case that Stacy found her true passion in private investigations. As a mother, it was better to take on cases where she could possibly provide both evidence to the client’s attorney and peace of mind for a concerned parent or guardian.

By the spring of 2018, Yellow Rose had more work than one person could handle. That’s when Stacy hired her first investigator trainee, who is now Stacy’s right-hand girl when cases come in. After adding a few more attorneys and regular individual clients to our roster, Stacy brought on two more investigators in March 2019. They immediately became as obsessed with private investigations just like Stacy did when she started the business. Today, the four make a very strong team.

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